Kit to create your jewel

We are very proud to present our new KIT project, created specifically for all lovers of the world of handicrafts and goldsmiths who have the desire to create and experience the thrill of building a real jewel with their own hands.

This KIT project was born from the collaboration with HandcraftIT, an American site that includes the best Italian craftsmen and aims to raise awareness and enhance the Italian crafts abroad.

It was a great challenge for us to create a kit for the construction of a piece of jewelry that did not involve the use of fire and all the tools that are normally used in our workshop, tools and machinery that require years of practice, extreme attention and study in this field.

For this reason we have rediscovered and chosen ancient construction techniques that come directly from our experience as restorers in the field of goldsmithing and glyptics and are simple and possible to perform even by non-experts.

We were inspired to create our jewelry Kit both in appearance and technique, two important periods of Italian art: the Gothic and the Renaissance.

The result is three different proposals to create three pendants with different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Advanced.


It is inspired by the geometry of the Rosettes for Gothic cathedrals designed by the famous Italian artist Antonio Pisano, called Pisanello (1390-1455).

You can build your pendant using the ancient technique that involves the use of screws and nuts. This technique allowed since ancient times the construction of jewelry and precious furnishings extremely large and complex, consisting of many parts joined together only by screws and nuts carefully hidden.


It is a tribute to our city of Florence, city symbol of the Italian Renaissance.

In addition to the construction with screws and nuts you can try your hand with the ancient technique of “opus punctile”, that is a tiny punctiform hammering on a metal plate that simulates a light weave of a fabric, technique used since the fifteenth century in the finishing of precious objects.


It represents the taste and style of the most typical Italian Renaissance inspired by the decorations present in the painting “Pallas and the Centaur” (1482) painted by the famous Italian artist Sandro Botticelli.

As a further difficulty in addition to the first two techniques described above, you can set yourself with the technique of rebating an imitation stone within its bezel.

Inside your KIT you will find an instruction manual that will show you step by step with simple visual diagrams the construction of your pendant. In addition you can consult a video that will give you the opportunity to see directly the making of the three different pendants.

Our wish is that with this KIT you will be more passionate about the complex and wonderful world of Italian jewelry!