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Since 1908

In 1908 Edoardo Pestelli, after an apprenticeship with the Marchesini jewelers, opened the first Pestelli jewelry store in Florence. Thanks to its jewels and antique-style silverware, it immediately became a point of reference for the upper bourgeoisie of the time. In 1911 he took part in the international fair in Rome and started to export his jewels in Europe and in the United States.

In 1920 Pestelli jewelry moved to Via Tornabuoni in Florence and – in 1935 – in the prestigious Via Strozzi, a few steps from the current atelier. The company asserted itself among the international nobility. Among the customers we find the House of Savoy, the royals of Romania, the vice-king of Egypt and the Vatican.

In 1989 the jewelry store passes under the leadership of the great-grandson Tommaso Pestelli who – continuing the family tradition – personally creates each work together with his wife Eva Aulmann. The company moves to Borgo SS. Apostoli, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio. Meanwhile, Pestelli jewels are sold all over the world: from Paris to New York.

In 2011 the Pestelli jewelery was certified as an “Italian Historical Company”. Some creations by Tommaso Pestelli are exhibited in the permanent goldsmith’s collection at the prestigious Silver Museum in Florence. In 2018 – for 110 years of activity – the Pestelli company receives the “DNA Artigiano” award assigned by Confartigianato.

In 2019 Pestelli wins the prestigious “Talents du Luxe et de la Création” Award in Paris. The prize, awarded by the Center du Luxe et de la Création in Paris, rewards every year the talents who stand out in the categories that define the modern conception of luxury and Pestelli won the prize for the category Elegance.

In 2020 Tommaso Pestelli receives the “MAM – Master of Art and Craft” Award and is included in the Golden Book of Italian Artisan Excellence. In the same year he was included in the prestigious Homo Faber Guide which brings together the best European craftsmen. At the end of 2022 the Pestelli Creazioni company moved to the new and current store in Via del Sole 22/r in Florence.


In the heart of Florence

The Pestelli jewelry is in Via del Sole 22/r - in the heart of Florence - a few steps from Santa Maria Novella and all the main monuments of the city.

Spettacolari e finissime, in qualche esito senza paragoni. Nella mia lunga carriera di esperto di metalli antichi ho diretto restauri e proposto acquisti allo Stato per salvaguardare le nostre opere più preziose. Tra cinquant'anni le creazioni di Pestelli meriteranno eguale trattamento.

We have bought many pieces from Tommaso and Eva Pestelli and they have all been wonderful. I also sent them a parcel of stones and Tommaso made me a wonderful ring as a suprise design - it is perfect! Thank you Pestelli, you are great!

David Hur, London

Ogni oggetto è un'opera d'arte unica curata in ogni più piccolo dettaglio; un piacere per gli occhi e la mente! Imperdibili poi gli oggetti ispirati alla Wunderkammer! No cinque ma dieci stelle!

Si vous passez par Florence cet été, ne ratez pas l'inmanquable atelier de joaillerie artisanale d'exception Pestelli.

Eccellente artigiano, merita assolutamente una visita nel suo laboratorio.

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