The Treasure Of Memories

Do you have a nice memory tied to an object in your drawer? We can help you turning your memory into a unique jewel!

It may have happened to you, as have happened to us during the long time of forced home’s quarantine, to reopen a drawer and find in your hand an object linked to a beautiful memory: a small shell found by the sea, the broken grandfather’s clock, a stone found in the mountain… or an objects linked to an unforgettable memory of a person, of a place, of a location, that we jealously keep safe.

Every time we find it our memory flies free and far away and making us feeling better. But why leave it closed in a drawer? It would be nice to make a jewel out of it, to always be carried with yourself or wearing it or display it in your favorite corner at home.

If you have a souvenir object that you particularly care for, send us via email to a picture and we will create, together with you, a project for your unique jewel.