Nautilus Dragon – Mod. 1

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Nautilus Dragon (Nautilus shell – sterling silver)

One of a Kind – Piece selected for the international exhibition Homo Faber 2018

Designed and hand made by Pestelli Creazioni

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Nautilus Dragon – Mod. 1 (Nautilus shellsterling silver)

One of a Kind – Piece selected for the international exhibition Homo Faber 2018

Piece  in the Wunderkammer serie crafted in sterling silver, designed and hand made by the florentine studio Pestelli Creazioni. This one of a kind piece represents a magnificent dragon wrapping a gorgeous Nautilus shell over an elaborated silver pedestal . Each piece created with a Nautilus shell is unique due to the natural different shape of each shell. Price of  the pieces  also depends on the uniqueness and different shape of the shell.

Details and measurements:
• Materials: sterling silver, Nautilus shell
• Measurements (inches): L 4.68 x P 3.51 x H 8.58
• Measurements (centimeters): L 12 x P 9 x H 22

Handmade in Italy