Cupid earrings (red)


Cupid earrings (golden silver, red enamel) inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera

Designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni

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The Uffizi Collection, jewels inspired by the great masterpieces of the Medici collections, was born from the exclusive collaboration between Pestelli Creazioni and the Florentine Museums.

Cupid earrings (golden silver, red enamel) designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni (also available in white).

Measurements: ring diameter 1.9 cm. + pendant height 2 cm

Jewel inspired by the Cupid depicted in the painting La Primavera (The Spring) by Sandro Botticelli (ca. 1482) exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. In Botticelli’s masterpiece, Cupid, the god of love, is depicted as blindfolded mythology in order to be able to launch his arrows that make you fall in love without looking at the striker. In the painting Cupid is about to shoot with his bow an arrow directed towards Grace that the classical interpretation identifies with Castitas, or Chastity. The Grace has its gaze turned towards Mercury, who in turn with his characteristic staff, the Caduceus, is chasing gray clouds to protect the garden, and therefore the season of Spring, from bad weather. To better look at the details of the painting, you can click here > Google Arts

Handmade in Florence, Italy