Giraffe Cufflinks


Giraffe cufflinks (in sterling silver and carnelian)

Designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni

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Giraffe cufflinks (in sterling silver and carnelian) designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni

Measurement: giraffe 2.4 x 0.9 cm, sphere diameter 0.8 cm

Note: the color of the natural stone may be slightly different in color shades from the picture.

A pair of elegant silver sterling cufflinks featuring a giraffe with carnelian stone pearl. The giraffe is inspired by the symbol of the district of the Palio of Siena.

Carnelian is a beloved gem today as it was in the past. For centuries it has been considered the stone that protected from negative energies and diseases. Legends tell that carnelian protected even from the plague. Carnelian is also a stone with deep religious and spiritual charateristics: in the Bible, carnelian is mentioned as a decorative stone on the breastplate of Aaron and as one of the twelve precious stones that adorn the foundations of the city of Jerusalem. For Muslims, Carnelian is known as the “Stone of Mecca”, because of the carnelian seal ring worn by Muhammad.

Handmade in Florence, Italy