Uffizi Collection II

The Uffizi Collection was born from the exclusive collaboration between Pestelli Creazioni and the Florentine Museums. This collection shows jewels inspired by the great masterpieces of the Medici collections.
These precious creations are available exclusively at the Uffizi Gallery Shop and, of course, in our Atelier and in our Online Shop.


The flowers of “The Annunciation” by Leonardo Da Vinci (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

The flowers of “La Primavera (The Spring)” by Sandro Botticelli (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Enthroned Madonna with Child and Angels” by Hans Memling (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Madonna of the Harpies” by Andrea Del Sarto (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Knight of Malta” by Tiziano (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Bia de’ Medici” by Agnolo Bronzino (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Giovanna of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany” by Alessandro Allori (Palazzo Pitti, Florence)

Maria Adelaide of France” by Jean Etienne Lìotard (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Eleonora Gonzaga as a child” by Frans Pourbus the Younger (Palazzo Pitti, Florence)

Elisabetta Gonzaga” by Raffaello (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Grotesque” (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Saint George and the Dragon” by Raffaello (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Elephant Drawings” by Giulio Romano (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)

Pendant with Dragon” by German School (Palazzo Pitti, Florence)

Pendant with Lizard” from the 16th century (Palazzo Pitti, Florence)

Sphinx Torch Door” by Caparra (Palazzo Strozzi, Florence)

Madonna della Melagrana” by Sandro Botticelli (Uffizi Gallery, Florence)