Narcissus Earrings


Narcissus Earrings (sterling silver, golden silver and enamel) with 2 closures for 3 styles

Designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni

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One pair of earrings for 3 different styles to have different earrings suitable for any dress and occasion!

Narcissus Earrings (sterling silver, golden silver and enamel) designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni.

Measures: with flower 2 cm | with flower and stem 4 cm

Narcissus Earrings are supplied with two types of closures: the first with a simple stud that allows you to wear only the flower; the second with a drop that allows you to wear flower and stem. The earrings can thus be worn to form 3 combinations: both with the single flower or both with flower and stem or one with the flower and one with the stem and flower.

Flower meaning: we find several meanings associated with the narcissus, related to cultures even very distant from each other. In China, for example, the narcissus is a symbol of luck and prosperity for the new year, as its blooming corresponds to the period of the Chinese New Year.

In the same serie – to form even more floral combinations – Orchid, Lily, Lily of the Valley and Sunflower earrings are also available .

Handmade in Florence, Italy