Disk Earrings


Discs Earrings (18 kt gold – carnelian – green agate)

Designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni

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Disk earrings (18 kt gold – carnelian – green agate) designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni.

Carnelian and Agate are two varieties of chalcedony. Carnelian is a much loved gem today as it was in the past. For centuries it has been considered the stone that protected from negative energies and diseases. Legends tell that carnelian protected even from the plague. Carnelian is also a stone with deep religious and spiritual charateristics: in the Bible, carnelian is mentioned as a decorative stone on the breastplate of Aaron and as one of the twelve precious stones that adorn the foundations of the city of Jerusalem. For Muslims, Carnelian is known as the “Stone of Mecca”, because of the carnelian seal ring worn by Muhammad. Agate is also a very desired gem since ancient times, both for its beauty and its hardness. In the East it was already used in 3000 BC. for decorative and practical purposes. For our ancestors the agate was a protective stone. In particular, the specimens with parallel lines were used to create talismans capable of defending against bad luck. Even today, in some countries, newborns are given agate pendants to wish them luck. Of all the agate varieties, the green one is one of the most beautiful and sought after.

Handmade in Italy

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