Classic Armilla Pendant


Large Classic Armilla Pendant  (silver, pyrite)

Designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni.

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From the exclusive collaboration between Pestelli Creazioni and the Museo Galileo comes the Galileo Collection that includes real “jewels of science”.

Large Classic Armilla Pendant (silver, pyrite) designed and handmade by Pestelli Creazioni.

Measurement: diameter 3 cm

Inspired by the Armillary Sphere preserved in the Museo Galileo in Florence (link).

This large pendant – in silver and pyrite – has a diameter of 3 cm. The pendant contains the zodiac as in the original Armillary Sphere and the orbits inside the pendant move on an axis.

The Armillary Sphere (also known as spherical astrolabe) is a model of the celestial sphere invented by Eratosthenes around 250 BC. It is made up of rings called armilles, generally made of metal, each one representing one of the circles of the celestial sphere. The fixed armilles represent the meridian and the horizon, while the mobile ones, which follow the diurnal rotation, indicate the equator, the ecliptic, the solstice coluro and other circles of the celestial sphere. The armillary sphere of Santucci, built around 1590 and now kept in the Museo Galileo in Florence, is the largest armillary sphere in the world and represents the “universal machine” of the world according to the concepts developed by Aristotle and perfected by Ptolemy.

Handmade in Florence, Italy

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