Baba Yaga Clock


Baba Yaga Clock – One Of A Kind

Franz Hermle clock with sterling silver, Pāua mother of pearl and tourmalines

Designed and created by Eva Aulmann and Tommaso Pestelli

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One Of A Kind

Baba Jaga Clock – Design and engraving of the dial: Eva Aulmann / Construction: Tommaso Pestelli

Clock: Franz Hermle (Made in Germany) with mechanical winding with 3/4 days autonomy

Materials: sterling silver, mother of pearl roof (Paua Shell New Zeland),  red and green tourmalines for eyes

Measurements: H 19 x L 12 x P 9 cm

On the Wunderkammer theme, we created this outlandish clock which was conceived as an apparent automaton (the legs for movement) inspired by the Russian fairy tale of the Baba Yaga. The witch lives in a house with paws and moves in the countryside in search of unfortunate people to eat. She looks out the window/dial and with a grin marks the time of the next meal. The roof is decorated with an inlay of iridescent tiles made of Pāua mother-of-pearl with color of the night.

Handmade in Florence, Italy

Note: due to current customs regulations, the work can only be shipped to Europe.

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